Pubs, police prepping for plenty of partiers

OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) – Thousands of people are expected to be partying all over the Metro on St. Patrick's Day.

"What's great is having it on a Friday because on Friday's that just means it's completely insane," said Karen Barrett, who runs Barrett Pub & Grill in Omaha.

She says she's hoping for a fun, but also safe day.

For her, it's been nothing but prep.

"People just think you open it up the place and fill the coolers and that's it," said Barrett.

She and her staff members have been doing a lot of cooking.

Barrett has also hired several off duty police officers and extra doormen to help with security.

At pubs downtown, it's the same story, especially since Creighton Basketball is in the NCAA tournament.

"We've got beefed up security, we control how many people we have in here," said Jackson O'Halloran, who manages Barry O's Pub.

Extra Omaha Police officers will be on the streets, keeping an eye out for drunk drivers.

"If you're going to do the drinking, make sure somebody who hasn't been drinking does all the driving for you," said Sgt. Jerry Martinez.

Barrett says servers at pubs also have a responsibility.

"I really hate to see people over serve," said Barrett. "I really want to watch people, make sure they do Uber, Lifts and a lot of buses come in,"

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