Riverfront developers release specifics on Omaha's revitalization plan

Riverfront developers release specifics on Omaha's revitalization plan

Members of the public got a chance on Tuesday to see plans that detail a new riverfront in Omaha. Developers and officials held the meeting downtown at Gallup, a building within eye-shot of the Missouri River.

"I'm looking forward to be able to take them downtown and go on the playgrounds," said Gutman, who's called Omaha home for 40 years.

Playgrounds are just one small slice of a big project that developers say could cost between $260 and $290 million.

Mayor Jean Stothert says $50 million will come from the city. She also said at Tuesday's meeting that taxes will not go up.

The plans target Lewis and Clark Landing, Heartland of America Park. and the Gene Leahy Mall.

"I think we can look at it as improvement, revitalization," said mayor Stothert. "I don't think I look at it as wiping it off the map and starting over."

Plans include a new water plaza for children and for a cafe accessible off Farnam.

Not everyone likes the plans.

"I didn't see much that connect with the history of Omaha," said longtime Omahan Jose Chato Garcia. "[The] riverfront needs to emphasize the history of it's place."

Officials say this new riverfront is expected to open by the end of 2022.

"it means a lot to me," said Gutman. "It's a great amenity to Omaha."

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