Sarpy County road crews prep for winter months

Sarpy County road crews prep for winter months

Tuesday’s chill in the air was a wake-up call for many in the metro that winter is right around the corner.

Many communities are now thinking ahead to the first snowfall.

At the Public Works department in Sarpy County, engineer Denny Wilson showed FOX42 reporter Steve Saunders around the maintenance yard.

"Between our snow plows the large vehicles that you see here, and then some of the smaller trucks the pickup trucks, we have about 27 that take care of the entire county."

Just outside the garage, there are a lot of interesting things to look at including giant plows and salt spreaders. It’s the equipment crews will connect to the trucks to get the county’s roadways clear of snow.

Wilson said the tools are important, but the technology behind them really makes things run.

Snow plow routes are created and monitored on the computer.

"These would be the trucks and the drivers and those would show up in real-time where they are,” said Wilson, “and they give an update on the report every two minutes."

The software also keeps track of the amount of salt used to coat the roads.

Wilson mentioned that the department is better off this year in terms of supplies because of last year’s light winter.

"We had a lot of sand, and gravel left over from last year, salt of course was down, but it helps,” said Wilson.”

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