School bus & car collide, one person in hospital

Omaha school bus and car near 48th Street & Northwest Radial Highway

Yet another wreck between an Omaha school bus and a car is now under investigation.

On Tuesday several people went to hospitals after an incident near 63rd & Ames.

On Wednesday one more victim was taken to a hospital after a crash near 48th Street & Northwest Radial Highway.

"I just came around the corner and I was like yikes.”

That was Ashley Gilliland’s reaction after seeing a wreck between a school bus and a car. It happened near her home.

She says if her kids had been on the bus she would "probably freak out."

Her kids don't ride the bus anymore, but family friend Gage Betchel does.

Betchel said, "It was kind of scary because what if it was me on that bus?"

An Omaha Public Schools source says there was one middle school student on the bus and they are okay.

An aid that was on the bus was taken to a hospital with some injuries.

"All of a sudden we just a heard a big bang and then the building kind of shifted."

Felicia Russell says that's what she heard inside her salon.

"I thought they hit the building so I ran over to the window and I noticed the school bus, and that there was a gray car that was hit on both sides."

Russell says there was an older woman driving the car. She says she spoke with some people who saw the crash happen.

Russell said, "She ran a red light and that's when the bus hit her."

Russell says the woman wasn't taken to a hospital. She says she was given a ticket.

Russell says too many people speed around a curve on Northwest Radial Highway and she says something needs to be done to slow people down.

It’s something Gilliland agrees with and that "anything can happen at any time, anywhere."

As of Wednesday night Omaha police had not released any information about this crash.

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