Scouts end their 160 mile canoe trek in Omaha

Scouts end their 160 mile canoe trek in Omaha

On Friday, their trek came to an end.

"It was hard, sometimes I wanted to quit," said one scout.

They did not give up. This group of scouts spent five days on the Missouri River.

"These guys have done at least 160 miles on the river starting from South Dakota and they made it all the way to Omaha," said Tyler Martin, the trek's coordinator.

"It's for the physical and mental challenge of getting through something like this," said a scout. "You have strive to push yourself further and further down the river."

"Once a scout whether a boy scout or venturer.. once they've done the camp thing," said Mike Evano, the program director for the Boy Scouts of America. "They're looking for something bigger."

The canoe trek was put on by the Mid-America Council.

For the first time, two international campers were on board, one from Taiwan and another from Colombia. It was also the first time two young woman went on the trek.

"Tuesday, we had a lot of rain and wind. and we had a lot of waves. and that was scary, but we are here," said a scout.

"It takes total coordination total communication," said a scout. "My position was stern-man, I was in the back and he was bowman in the front."

Another scout said, "my job was kinda to be the engine to constantly be paddling, and his job was to steer."

"It was really cool to see them come through and when we first saw them around the bend," said a parent. "It was pretty exciting to see them come around and realize they were on the final stretch."

"If you do everything safely and execute a smart plan you're wearing your life jacket, you're when the weather is clear.. you tell people where you're going," said Martin, "you can have not only a safe experience on the river, but also a fun one."

The week-long adventure was one the scouts will never forget.

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