Some eclipse enthusiasts staying put in the metro

Some eclipse enthusiasts staying put in the metro

Mary Carrick and her family plan to stay put on August 21st, the day of the solar eclipse.

"Pulling the kids out and traveling elsewhere in Nebraska isn't really in the cards for us this year."

Experts say that's okay.

One of several places you can go to in the Omaha area is Fontenelle Forest in Bellevue.

"It'll get pretty dark, it will get dusky," said Kate Murphy, who works for the park.

She says even the animals at the park will think it's night time.

Len Hillhouse is a professor of physics at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He says it's not a bad idea to stick around the metro.

"It's going to be pretty spectacular here," said Hillhouse. "It's still 98%, so it's going to be a very noticeable event, a very enjoyable event."

He went over some of the science behind the solar eclipse.

"When the moon, sun and the earth are perfectly aligned, you're going to have an eclipse event like this, and this year it just happens to fall over the North American continent," said Hillhouse.

Even though it's not a total eclipse, he says you'll still need those safety glasses when you're viewing the eclipse from a parking lot or open field.

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