Some people questioning air quality permit for Fremont Costco project

Some people questioning air quality permit for Fremont Costco project

Construction workers are now moving dirt around at the Costco construction site in Fremont.

There are plans for an industrial chicken operation there, but with construction comes environmental concerns.

On Tuesday night, there was a meeting with the Department of Environmental Quality.

Right now, the project still needs an air quality permit before actual construction can begin.

Some people who live in the area have concerns.

"We feel there are some big holes in this air permit that have not been answered," said Randy Ruppert, who leads Nebraska Communities United.

"For people living that close to it," said Ed Patchen Jr., who lives near by the construction zone, "what's going to happen to their health? My wife has asthma problems already. Is it going to get worse?"

"Once our water is destroyed we can't replace it," said Denise Richards, who lives nearby. "Once the air is destroyed, we're going to have a heard time fixing it. The environment is everything."

FOX42 News reporter Steve Saunders did find one person at the meeting who does want the Costco facility built. The person did not want to go on camera, but said it's something the city needs.

"This is a great economic boost not only for Fremont, for the entire and especially for this region," said Brian Newton, Fremont's city administrator. "We have a lot of agriculture in this region and the benefit the farmers are going to get is immense."

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