'Sons of Italy' asking for help to reopen popular hall

'Sons of Italy' asking for help to reopen popular hall

George Grillo has fond memories of the "Sons of Italy" hall.

"I would make the sauce with about four or five other guys," said Grillo, the vice president of the group.

It now needs your help after a devastating fire closed the hall back in January.

"We had a team that made the sauce every Wednesday morning," said Grillo. "Then of course we work on Thursday in the kitchen serving the pasta, meatballs and sausage."

Construction crews have been hard at work trying to fix the century old building, but Grillo says money is tight.

He says the group still needs about $200,000 to replace damaged kitchen equipment, and furnishings like tables and chairs.

It's all stuff that isn't covered by insurance.

"I've put a lot of time and energy into the Son's of Italy, and my first thought is I hope we could resolve this quickly and get back in business," said Grillo.

They now have a gofundme page setup for people to use to make donations.

"I remember it as a kid. It's just part of the neighborhood," said a man who lives nearby.

"I hope that people will respond to our donation effort, we rebuild, open up, come back and enjoy our great pasta," said Grillo.

He says if the money comes in, the plan is to open the hall again early next year.

Sons of Italy gofundme page:

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