Spike in Omaha armed robberies has police on hunt

Spike in Omaha armed robberies has police on hunt

In about a two week's time span, police say there has been a spike in armed robberies in Omaha.

16 crimes in all were announced at a news conference on Friday. Two incidents in south Omaha are said to be connected to one person who is still on the loose.

Four other crimes are connected to each other, but which four exactly, police are not saying.

They are still looking for the bad guys.

"Over the years there are times when there are spikes, so this is a pattern we've seen before," said Sgt. Lance Worley.

Not far from the action is Clarence Barker's shop. He wasn't hit by the brazen thieves, but certainly remembers what happened years ago, when a man pointed a revolver right at him.

"I was a sitting duck in the water, you know it happened so fast" said Barker.

The bad guy got away with cash.

Since then, he says he's learned a few things.

"This place is wired live, you can hear conversations going on all over the building."

Barker now has 32 security cameras shining down on his shop to keep an eye on things.

"I can watch who's coming in and who's going you," he said. "All you need is a second or two heads up when you're coming in. Always have a an extra person around. It makes a big difference."

Police have released video of the recent crimes including some from inside a B ucky's on Dodge Street, and even more inside a Kwik Shop at 32nd and Q.

The bad guys are still on the loose.

Police say they hope releasing the surveillance video will allow the public to help in the search.

If you have any information, call Omaha Crime Stoppers at 402-444-STOP.

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