Nebraska state trooper files lawsuit against NSP for inappropriate medical exam

Nebraska state trooper files lawsuit against NSP for inappropriate medical exam

LINCOLN,NE(FOX42KPTM)-A lawsuit has now been filed against the Nebraska State Patrol.

This comes after a state trooper says she was forced to take an "unnecessary" exam for a job.

It's something no one wants to experience.

"The culture in the state patrol was sick and it needed to be reformed," said lawyer Tom White.

That's how he describes the Nebraska State Patrol.

"It's a sexual abuse component,” White said. “It's inexplicable."

Nebraska State Trooper Brienne Splittberger filed a lawsuit against the state patrol.

The lawsuit accuses the force of requiring women to take inappropriate medical exams in order to become troopers.

The agency, the state of Nebraska, former State Patrol Superintendents David Sankey and Bradley Rice and several others were all named in the lawsuit.

Splittberger is suing for discrimination, a hostile work environment, and emotional distress.

"She had to put her knees up and display their genitalia, roll over to one side, lift up the buttocks to expose their anus," White said. "None of the physicians could give us a medical reason for this. They all indicated there was no medical reason."

He continued to say, "No police department we checked with requires anything like this of any female or male candidate. "

White also said men were not required to do this

He said the trooper Splittberger tried to take the issue to high management before taking legal action.

That's when she says she received a letter that they did not plan to do anything about it

"They weren't going to do much,” White said. “They would continue to have a right to do that."

Gov. Pete Ricketts released a statement saying:

"Immediately upon learning of these allegations in June, the governor instructed his chief human resources officer to review this matter, which has subsequently resulted in a criminal investigation by the state patrol."

FOX 42 reached out to the Nebraska State Patrol, which says it does not comment on pending litigation.

FOX 42 also called the doctor court documents say performed the exams.

The office released the following:

"The safety and care of our patients are always our top priority. We cannot provide further comment about the alleged incident at this time given the pending litigation and since it also involves patient privacy."

FOX 42 also reached out to the former troopers named in the lawsuit. However, they were not home.

"We rely on them to protect all of our rights, if they're not protecting their own then you have to be concerned."

If this case goes to trial, it will take at least a year and eighteen months for a full investigation.

In 2007 another female won a lawsuit against the department gender discrimination.

Splittberger is asking for a full investigation, punitive damages, and reimbursement of attorney fees.

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