Steve Saunders is Roadtrippin' to the SAC Aerospace Museum

Steve Saunders is Roadtrippin' to the SAC Aerospace Museum

Steve Saunders hit the road for a half-hour drive to Ashland, Nebraska. It's the home of the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum.

Inside, vintage war planes are the center piece of the museum, and so is the history of Offutt's Strategic Air Command. Among the exhibits, you'll find memorials. One of them is a replica of the World Trade Center towers. It's made up of 1,452 neckties, one tie for each person who died in the collapse of the north tower.

"This flag was created by local children in our community," said Deb Hermann, who works for the museum. "They were asked the simple question: what does freedom mean to you."

"A lot of the kids that are not serving today don't really understand about the past," said Donnie Kimble, who was visiting the museum." I think this would be a great leap for them if they would visit this facility."

The desk President George W. Bush used at Offutt on September 11, 2001 is at the museum. There is also a memorial wall to honor the area's fallen war heroes.

The museum first opened in 1959 at Offutt Airforce Base. It moved to the facility in Ashland in 1998.

It now takes up more than 300,000 sq. ft. of space, and there are so many interesting things to see.

"The SR71 is our guests favorite aircraft," said Hermann, "and it's in our atrium, so they actually built it and then built the atrium around it."

You can step right inside of a cockpit with all the original controls. You can also stand right next to some really big planes.

"I wanted to show my grandson the B17 they have here at the museum," said Clyde Adcock, who was visiting the museum with his wife and grandson. "It's such an intrical part of my history and childhood growing up with my uncle sharing it with us the story of World War Two."

The museum is open 9am to 5pm daily. The price to get in varies by age.

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