Storm causes damage to trees & cars across Omaha metro

Fallen tree blocks road near 65th & Binney

People all across the Omaha metro are now cleaning up.

Tuesday night's storm hit several neighborhoods hard, leaving fallen trees and cars that are now crushed.

A perfect example is one tree that fell on top of a woman's car in the Benson neighborhood.

Thankfully, she wasn't driving when it happened.

That's the good news. The bad news is that the tree ruined her back window and people were blocked from driving on part of the road near 65th & Binney for a while.

As for one man in south Omaha he says he was glad to be in his basement during Tuesday night's storm, especially since a big part of a tree in his yard was snapped off by the wind.

He says it took him several hours to break up the branches and clean up the big mess.

Thousands of people were without power Tuesday night.

As of Wednesday night, there were less than a hundred people in Douglas County still waiting to get power in their homes.

If you have big tree branches you need to get rid of click here to find out where to go.

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