Less than one week away, mayoral candidates battle for number one spot

Mayoral candidates continue to battle for the number one spot

There is now one week left before the Omaha mayoral election.

Mayor Jean Stothert and challenger Heath Mello are doing what they can to win the vote before the clock runs out.

Whether it's making calls or knocking on doors,

Stothert and Mello say they're not holding back.

Mello said, "I'll be spending a lot of my time with volunteers, supporters as well as meeting new voters.”

Stothert said, "You don't let up until the polls close on election day--that's our philosophy and that's what we will be doing.”

Stothert wants to remain mayor and announced Tuesday, she's adding $5 million to fix the city's streets.

However, Mello says he isn't buying it.

"Today's news is simply the mayor's hail marry attempt a week before the election to try and make it look like there's something being done to our crumbling infrastructure," Mello said.

Stothert says her track record speaks for itself.

"I have the experience," she said. "He does not. It's easy to say, 'I am going to create 5,000 jobs in north Omaha,' which he said a week ago. How's he going to do it?"

"Mayor Stothert has been in office for four years and has yet to develop a short term or long term plan for infrastructure," Mello said.

While there are clear disagreements on both sides, both agree on one thing: getting out to vote is vital.

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