Mayor Stothert vetoes new plan to improve streets

Stothert vetoes new plan to improve streets

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert vetoed the city’s new policy for replacing unimproved streets Tuesday.

In a letter to the city council, Stothert said, “My decision to veto the amended policy is a significant, yet necessary setback to my intent to change the longtime city practice of requiring property owners to pay 100 percent of the cost to upgrade unimproved streets."

She also said the amendments to the new policy do not achieve the goal of simplifying and standardizing the Road Maintenance District/Street Improvement District process to provide a financial solution for unimproved street replacement and repair that is applied fairly to everyone.

"Without a new standard policy, we are back to square one with property owners responsible for 100 percent of the cost for future projects," Stothert said.

Above, see the letter in full.

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