Strength Behind the Blue collects donations for families of deputies shot in CB

“We had heard about it and wanted to come down here and support," Jennifer Wattles said.

Many people across the metro won't forget their law enforcement officers who were gunned down.

Now, there is a new way to show support for them and to show how they feel about the shootings of two deputies in Council Bluffs.

“We had heard about it and wanted to come down here and support," Jennifer Wattles said.

If there's one place that knows how to show its support, it's Omaha.

"As soon as I knew it was happening, I knew I had to be here," said Wattles, who has family and friends in law enforcement.

"I honestly cannot imagine what they go through on a day to day basis," Wattles said.

After hearing that two deputies were shot in an attack, she says she wanted to help in some way.

Wattles and dozens of others made their way to downtown Omaha Thursday afternoon to buy T-shirts, plaques and lunch from the food trucks and to sign posters for the families of Deputy Mark Burbridge and Deputy Pat Morgan.

One message reads, "Thank you for everything you've done for our community. You are amazing."

This message was carefully written by 11-year-old Jessie Crowder, who said, “They do so much for our community, and we should do this no matter what, even though there was a big tragedy, we should do this all the time."

The event was put on by local nonprofit Strength Behind the Blue, which was founded after officer Kerrie Orozco was killed in 2015.

Annie Smith said, “We knew we had to return that favor to Pottawattamie County as well. They are right across the river, They're law enforcement. They're part of our family."

From walking away with a support blue bracelet, to thanking the officers who stopped by, it was the community's way of saying “thank you” for working to keep it safe.

The event raised more than $1,100. Of that, $1,000 is going to the deputy memorial fund.

They are still counting how much the food trucks made.

Some of that money will also be donated.

You can still donate on Facebook or online.

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