Strength Behind the Blue taking donations for family of fallen deputy

Strength Behind the Blue is offering these bracelets to people in exchange for donations

One Omaha group is hoping to raise money for the family of Deputy Mark Burbridge and it hopes do it through bracelets and decals.

Annie Smith said, "The Burbridge family experienced the absolute worst thing that any law enforcement family could face."

Smith never met fallen Deputy Mark Burbridge, but as the wife of an Omaha police officer Smith says she can understand his family’s loss. It’s a loss that Smith is trying to help the family deal with.

Smith said, "We just really want to show them that we're there for them."

Smith is the executive director of the group Strength Behind the Blue. It's taking donations for bracelets and decals.

Smith said, "They're just a great way for us to kind of put something on our arm, show the community that we support law enforcement. We support Deputy Burbridge and his family and the whole Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Office."

People can find Strength Behind the Blue next week during Food Truck Thursday at the Gene Leahy Mall. The group will have a table setup from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. People can stop by and donate money to get a bracelet and a decal.

Smith said, "Whatever people feel compelled to give it's going towards a good cause...there's a loss of income that unfortunately their family's going to have for the rest of their lives...we realize that a decal on a car or, you know, money set aside for their children isn't going to ease the pain. It's not going to make him come back and walk in that door."

But as Smith says, it is something that will help Burbridge's family to have a future.

Smith said, "While we can't understand their grief as fully as they experience it we want to be there for them as much as we're able."

Smith says several food truck owners will also be donating some of their proceeds from next week to the memorial fund.

If you can't make it to next Thursday's event, you can still get a bracelet and a decal. Follow this link.

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