Stuffed animal stolen from nine-year-old boy in remission from cancer

Finn Hines with stuffed animal "Silky Dog" (Courtesy: Kate Hines)

A nine-year-old cancer victim is now something else: a victim of thieves in Council Bluffs. They got away with something that's priceless to the little boy.

He and his family were visiting from out of town last Wednesday. They were at the Mid-America Center for a competition.

They walked out to the parking lot and noticed the car carrier in the back of their truck was open.

They say special items had been swiped including the boy’s stuffed animal.

Nine-year-old Finn Hines said, "I'm feeling really sad because she's not here anymore."

Finn’s stuffed animal is more than just a toy.

"She's my bestest friend in the whole world."

Finn calls her "Silky Dog." She's gotten him through some pretty tough times.

Finn’s mom, Kate Hines, said, "When he was diagnosed with cancer, leukemia, when he was two he all of a sudden just grabbed her out of his crib and started taking her to the hospital."

Finn said, "It was a little scary and I had Silky for a very good luck charm."

Finn’s mom says the dog has always been a huge source of comfort for him even after he got better. He's been in remission for three years.

Hines said, "Silky Dog was on a very, very important journey with Finn."

However, the journey ended last Wednesday when Finn and his dad were in Council Bluffs.

Hines says her husband’s heart "just kind of sank because he knew that all the contents, all of the valuable things were in there."

Finn said, "It's been like a big hole of loneliness and sadness."

Hines says the stuffed animal can be replaced, but that it wouldn't be the same. Now, she's asking for the community's help.

"If anybody would see her or be able to help him locate her that would mean the absolute world to us to have them be reunited."

Hines says she’s checking with the Mid-America Center to see if surveillance cameras picked up the theft.

She’s also using social media to get the word out. As of Tuesday night her post about Finn’s Silky Dog had almost 300 shares and dozens of comments.

Hines says her family did file a police report. If you have any information about this theft you can call CrimeStoppers at 712-328-7867.

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