Thirteen year old girl gets new bike after man steals it

Thirteen year old girl gets new bike after man steals it

OMAHA,NE(FOX42KPTM)-A 13-year-old girl now has a brand new bike thanks to an Omaha rescue crew.

She was attacked and got her bike stolen. Now, she’s still in shock.

"Should I run? Should I just stay there and try to fight him myself?” said Shazya Tucker, as she recalled the incident. “Then, I was like, ‘Nah.’"

It was an unforgettable day for her.

"When he grabbed my bike and I fell to the ground, I was thinking, ‘Oh, my God, it's about to go down,’" said Tucker, 13.

She was riding her bike Monday afternoon when a man attacked her.

Tucker says the man stopped her to ask for cigarettes.

She said "no." That's when things took a turn for the worst

"He started swinging at me, punching me.”

Tucker says the man grabbed the bike, she fell and he took off.

But the man drove over her foot while she was on the ground, leaving part of her foot swollen.

In the heat of the moment, Tucker only had one thing running through her mind:

“I hope this guy just gets caught by police. I need to call the police quickly."

She got enough strength to finally call her dad, who was in council bluffs at the time

Her father Charles Smith said, "She told me to call the police and my heart stopped.”

But Tucker's day got a little better when she got a special surprise at the hospital

"Not even ten minutes later, they showing up with a new bike,” Smith said. “I thought that was amazing." Tucker said, "When they brought me the bike, I felt happy because I didn't know they kind of cared about me enough to bring me a bike.”

A team of EMTs presented her with that new bike .

Smith said, "I almost got in tears because I thought that was so beautiful that they would consider doing this because they had just dropped her off.”

Even though this was scary, Tucker walked away with a lesson.

“Watch out for strangers,” she said. “Don't stop even if they stopped you."

FOX 42 plans to meet with those heroes who gave tucker the bike Wednesday.

We'll tell you why they decided to go out of their way to help the little girl.

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