Tow ban for Pottawattamie Co. interstates & highways, tow truck drivers backed up

Car stuck in a ditch off Interstate 29 in Pottawattamie County

On Friday, dozens of cars in Iowa were stuck in ditches along highways and interstates.

It was all because of a tow ban put in place in Pottawattamie County, something that really backed up work for tow truck drivers.

Rachel Montgomery said, "My husband lost control. We tried to steer out of it."

During Friday’s heavy snowfall Montgomery and her family ended up in a ditch near Big Lake Road, a side street in Council Bluffs.

"These roads are always bad so we try to keep it really, really slow,” said Montgomery who was planning on taking the interstate. After finding out about the tow ban she's so glad she didn't.

Montgomery said, "If we wouldn't have had a tow truck be able to come get us then our truck would've been stuck."

The folks at Arrow Towing Company in Council Bluffs were taking calls from everyone including those impacted by the tow ban.

Tow truck driver Troy Reeves said, "Things have been hectic out on the roadways because of the snow that we've gotten. There's been a lot of accidents."

However, because of the ban, drivers like Reeves could only respond to some of the calls that came in.

Reeves said, "The tow ban has backed things up because we get a stack of calls that are sitting, waiting for that tow ban to lift."

Workers at Arrow Towing Company say a tow ban usually happens a couple times every winter. They say the ban was put in place on Friday because of the lack of visibility for drivers on highways and interstates in Pottawattamie County.

Reeves said, "People driving out there aren't paying attention to the things that are on the side of the road like we are. They put that tow ban so we don't get hurt."

Towing cars out of ditches on the interstate may have been off limits, but tow truck drivers could still help people on side streets.

As of Friday night the tow ban in Pottawattamie County had not been lifted.

Remember that you can always call the Iowa State Patrol if you get stuck and a tow truck isn't available. A patrolman will get you to a safe place.

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