Trucker says patience is key to safe driving

Trucker says patience is key to safe driving

It didn't take long for truck driver Matt Dunekacke to find what he calls an impatient driver.

"He's coming back, just in and out of traffic," he said while driving on I-80. "Those are the people that are dangerous."

Lately at many trucking companies, there's been a lot of discussion about sharing the road with cars.

"I've had people pass me and honk their horn and you know, give me the finger just because it took me a long time to accelerate up to the posted speed limit," said Dunekacke.

The discussion about safety comes after a deadly shooting at 60th and L in Omaha.

At that intersection, a truck driver was killed.

A witness said he saw yelling before shots were fired.

Investigators have not labeled it as road rage or said what sparked the incident.

Just the same, Dunekacke says you have to let things roll off your back.

"It's just easier if somebody screams at you, acts rude or wants to flip you off or blow their horn, it's just easier to let it go," said Dunekacke.

He says if you're behind the wheel of a car, give a tractor trailer truck enough space, and don't pass too close because they can't stop as quickly as other vehicles can.

"It's not worth getting hurt or killed over," said Dunekacke.

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