Two days till Omaha's primary election, mayoral candidates hard at work

Left to right: Mayor Jean Stothert knocks on a door in a south Omaha neighborhood, her opponent Heath Mello speaks with a voter on the phone

The primary election for mayor in Omaha is only two days away.

On Sunday, the incumbent and her top challenger spent the day knocking on doors and making phone calls.

Mayor Jean Stothert was doing all she could to gain support by walking in different neighborhoods and speaking with Omaha voters.

Mayor Stothert said, "We're feeling very good and we think all of our efforts are going to pay off on Tuesday."

The mayor says many voters have been pretty positive about the work she's done and that "people are very interested in all the success that we've had, the things that are going very, very well in Omaha now. It's safer, crime is down, the budget is straightened out, the economy is really good and people see that.”

Meanwhile, Stothert's opponent was also wasting no time reaching out to voters by phone.

While speaking with people Heath Mello said, "Hoping just to remind you to get out and vote, and obviously, I'd be honored to have your support when you go out and cast that ballot on Tuesday."

Mello says his campaign has seen a lot of momentum in the last few months.

"I feel very, very good about the work that we've done so far and I know that the work we've got planned over the next 72 hours is going to be intense."

However, it’s a challenge he's ready to take on.

Mello said, "I'm running for mayor because I believe we can be a better city...we need to be focused on creating the jobs of tomorrow and focusing on ways to keep major companies in Omaha."

For now, both candidates simply want people to get out and vote Tuesday.

Stothert believes it’s important “to let their voices be heard."

As for Mello, he believes that "the decisions are made by those who show up."

If you need to find out where your polling location is for Tuesday's primary click here.

The general election takes place on May 9.

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