Uber says you will pay for making your driver wait

Uber says you will pay for making your driver wait

On Saturday, Uber changed the way it charges you for rides, and if you make your driver wait, it could cost you.

Gina Olivieri has been driving for Uber now for two years.

"I have to accept the new terms," said Olivieri. "I mean anytime there's a change we have to accept it because it's all contractual."

She said the changes that just went into effect are the most significant she's seen yet.

In the Omaha area, there's now a "waiting fee."

Uber says, if the rider makes the driver wait for more than two minutes, the rider will be charged.

Olivieri says in one case, 16-cents per minute.

"I would say don't request a ride unless you know you're ready because you don't want to have that extra fee," said Olivieri.

She says the flat fee to book an Uber also went up, by 25-cents for a basic Uber ride.

Uber says it's to help pay for safety and operating costs.

"We don't get a piece of the pie," said Olivieri. "It goes straight to uber."

FOX 42 reporter Steve Saunders priced an Uber ride from the TV station to Westroads mall.

It came to $10.30.

The competitor Lyft priced out at $10.70.

According to rates listed by a local cab company, by cab it would cost $10.86.

The trip by bus would cost $1.25.

"The bus is convenient," said a UNO student. "It fits into my schedule easily."

When it comes to Uber though, Oliveiri says change is good.

"I feel lucky to be in this business because it's new and it's growing," said Oliveiri.

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