Vandal spray paints 15 cars in northwest Omaha

One couple says the obscene vandalism was embarrassing for all the neighbors to see.

Who is responsible for a string of vandalism involving parked cars?

It happened two nights this week in northwest Omaha and not just in one neighborhood.

"I'm not only cleaning this area,” Jenna Johnson said. “I'm cleaning all around here. I'm cleaning up here and inside of these cracks."

She spent her afternoon scrubbing her truck with nail polish remover.

“I can't imagine if it was sprayed on the grille how hard that would be." Johnson said.

Someone spray-painted her car in the middle of the night, but it wasn't just her car.

Johnson says at least 15 cars were hit in her neighborhood.

College student Peter Gehrls was on his way to his last final of the year when he saw his truck.

He's in a different neighborhood, near 88th and Sprague Circle.

"I tried to wash it off and stuff and a little bit was coming off but not much,” he said. “I had an half hour to get to my final and this was the last thing I needed."

A couple living about ten minutes away also had their car damaged. They live near 77th.

“I was like, ‘Oh my goodness,’” Lisa Wade said. “It's like 2-feet letters. The poor kids don't know how to spell. It's really disgusting."

She and her husband Carl say a child knocked on their door to tell them.

They say the obscene vandalism was embarrassing for all the neighbors to see.

“The kids are always out and playing. It's just sad its happening over here."

Those were just some of the people who were affected.

Along Bedford Road, neighbors say they were hit, too.

Some even filed a police report, while others got cameras.

Johnson says cleaning your car with non-acetone finger polish remover will do the trick

That can save you a lot of money over having it done professionally.

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