Webmaster has advice so you don't get hacked

Webmaster has advice so you don't get hacked

Webmaster Jon Larsen juggles more than a dozen websites at a time.

"I sort of have a list of all of them and i go into the admin menu i look for updates," said Larsen.

It's his job to keep hackers out.

He says it comes down to what's known as a website's "content management system."

It's used to change stuff on your site.

"Typically you want to keep all the software that you have on your website up-to-date," said Larsen.

He says installing the latest security patch is a must to help keep the bad guys out.

Officials say hackers got into Governor John Kasich's website.

The message posted there was similar to the one posted on the city of Bellevue's website last week. Investigators still don't know how the hackers did it.

"They're guessing people's passwords if the passwords are simple... password 1-2-3.. that's probably the easiest way people got in," said Larsen.

It's not just city and town websites that are getting hit.

Matt Gottsch, manager at Exclusive Repair, says he understands the damage hackers can do.

They didn't get into the shop's web accounts, but they did mess with the computers.

"It corrupted the system so bad that they had to disconnect it from the server and it was just done," said Gottsch.

Larsen says, bottom line, if you're unsure about website security, it's best to leave it to the pros.

"It's all about accepting risk and how much risk you want to put into it because if it is your business it's the risk of your customers seeing that," said Larsen.

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