What makes a bus stop good or bad?


For Jasmine Kirwan, taking the bus is part of her daily routine.

"I think a good bus stop is having a place to rest," said Kirwan, who uses public transportation to get to work. "I've been to a lot of bus stops that just don't have a bench to sit on and it's really exhausting when you're carrying bags or have a backpack."

Going by the "bench test" alone, the bus stop at 96th and West Dodge Road is good because it has two benches.

What it lacks, however, is a sidewalk to stand on.

"If there's not a sidewalk it's kind of awkward," said Kirwan.

Sarah Johnson uses a bus stop in Benson and she considers it a good one.

"They've put in these nice benches, which are pretty cool and it's shaded, which is really nice," said Johnson, who is part of the advocacy group called Mode Shift Omaha. "The fact that you have a place to sit and a little protection from the elements is really crucial."

Some people FOX 42 reporter Steve Saunders spoke with said it's what gets you to the bus stop that's most important, like a marked crosswalk with signals.

"Very rarely does the bus take you exactly where you need to be to where you need to be," said Johnson. "You have to be able to walk or ride once you get off the bus. Without signalized intersections, it's really dangerous."

We did reach out to Metro for comment about the bus stop at 96th and Dodge. In a statement it said:

"Unfortunately, 96th street does not have sidewalks and although not perfect, our survey information indicates there are 3-4 passengers using the stop. Moving it to a more ideal location might require a lengthier walk for these patrons."

If you'd like to reach out to Metro with comments or concerns, go to its website for more information:

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