Woman demands Trump sign be taken down from OPPD power pole

Woman demands Trump sign be taken down from OPPD power pol

OMAHA, NE(FOX42KPTPM)- One Omaha woman is concerned with a political campaign sign on an OPPD power pole. It's been on the pole since the election in November. She is now questioning if the company had anything to do with it.

Sheryl Schmidtke sees the sign "Trump" everyday when she drives to and from work. She says this doesn't make the company look good.

"OPPD is a public company and from what I know public companies don't campaign for election candidates,"says Schmidtke

She called OPPD last week to speak with a customer service representative.

"She promised me the sign would be down last Monday."

However, the sign was still on the pole a week later. FOX 42 reached out to find out why. The company released a statement"

"The signage on the OPPD pole was not installed by OPPD. As a public utility, OPPD does not endorse candidates."

That same day, an OPPD worker removed the sign from the pole.

"I'm more aware now that political candidates can't use public poles to campaign on so obviously so obviously, I'm going to be on the lookout,"says Schmidtke

OPPD also says it doesn't allow people to post political, garage sale or other signs on its power poles or equipment.

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