Woman out $1,400 after scammer pretends to be dead homeowner

Kerry Robidoux with a lease agreement she says she got from a scammer.

Scammers are now pretending to be dead homeowners and an Omaha woman says a crook ripped her off.

The woman says she was trying to rent a home, but now she's out hundreds of dollars.

"Wow. I can't believe this happened to me."

That's how Kerry Robidoux felt after realizing she'd been scammed.

"I was all packed, ready to move."

As she says, ready to move into a house in northwest Omaha with her kids. Robidoux says her daughter-in-law saw an ad for the house on Craigslist.

Robidoux said, "I contacted the guy on the 14th of June and he sent me an email, and said that he had taken a promotion out of town and was living in Wyoming."

Robidoux says the man told her that all the windows at the house were open so she could take a look inside if she wanted to. Robidoux says that's what she did and ended up liking what she saw.

“I contacted him and told him that I was interested in the house."

She says the man asked her to send $700 for a deposit. He wanted the money wired through Walmart and sent to his daughter in Utah.

Robidoux said, "He sent me an application and I filled out the application and sent it back...he said he would overnight the keys once we had paid the first month’s rent."

It was another $700 transfer.

"I wired him first month's rent on the 30th and never got the keys."

Robidoux says she typed the address into Google and saw it was listed by a realtor.

"I called the realtor and she had told me the name, Jack Raymer which he had gone by, was the guy that did own the house. It wasn't the guy that I had been talking to. He was deceased."

Robidoux says the realtor told her that she had bought the house, fixed it up and sold it. Robidoux says the realtor told her she’d been scammed.

Robidoux said, "It's a bummer because now I've got to save up again for the next place."

Realtors in Omaha say there are always red flags to watch out for with these situations. One is when someone asks you to wire money and another is when the person doesn't meet you face-to-face.

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