Woman's road rage caused son's death, parents say

24-year-old Andrew Torrice died on June 10th, 2017 after a motorcycle crash. (Picture courtesy of Kristine Torrice)

The parents of an Omaha man that died now want justice for their son.

He and two other people were killed after a motorcycle crash last month.

They say a woman with road rage is responsible and that she needs to be caught and charged.

Kristine Torrice said, "We're just sitting here trying to put the pieces back together, you know, wanting justice for our son."

It was just a few weeks ago when Kristine and Scott Torrice lost their 24-year-old son, Andrew Torrice.

"He was my baby. He was my baby boy."

Torrice says she was told by some of Andrew's friends that he and a big group of motorcyclists were riding near 62nd Street and Dodge. A white VW Beetle was also on the road.

Torrice said, “At some point on their drive up Dodge she tried to get into the lane that all of them were in."

Torrice says the group didn't let the woman in and that apparently she got angry. She then followed the group to a gas station.

"She apparently pulled into the area and sat with her headlights blaring right at the group...she sat there for what they estimate to be about 20 to 30 minutes just watching them."

Torrice says that's when Andrew started to head home. She says his friends told her he drove catty-corner across the front of the woman's car.

"She gunned the engine and tried to run him over, and when she missed she then took off across the parking lot after him."

Omaha police say the chase ended near 72nd and Cass.

Torrice said, "He ended up running the light and t-boning another motorcycle...all three people died on the scene."

Torrice says some people have told her that the woman driving the car got out, saw what happened, and then got back into her car and took off.

Torrice said, "She needs to be caught. She needs to be charged...had she not gone after him the way she did, chasing him down that street, three people would still be alive today."

Torrice says the white VW Beetle is a convertible. It has the word "dune" down the sides in black lettering.

Torrice says police haven't been able to get a license plate number from surveillance video.

On Tuesday, Omaha police said they weren’t sure what the driver of the car would be charged with.

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