Young girl hit by car near 34th, California streets in fair condition

Police say the girl is around 3-years-old.

A young girl was hit by a car near 34th and California streets Thursday evening.

Police say the girl is around 3-years-old.

They say she was outside with her mother, who warned her not to go near the street.

Officials say the little girl saw her grandparent pulling up. That’s when she ran out into the street, and a car going west hit her.

Neighbor Taylor Heaton said he heard screaming so he ran outside to see what was going on.

"I heard ‘help, help, help!’ As I came out, the little girl was on the ground. She was unconscious at the moment. A guy pulled up, he said he owned a nursing aid urgency. He did CPR right away; that brought her back to breathing. She woke up and she was crying. She was in panic. Her mom was in panic, too. She had a panic attack. She thought her daughter wasn't going to wake up.

Police also say the child is in fair condition but has a couple of bruises and is being checked for any broken bones.

Police also says this incident could have happened anywhere. Children will run after someone they know.

It's best to make sure they are watched at all times.

Police say this does appear to be an accident, and they say alcohol or speeding were not involved.

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