Extreme heat affects wild animals, air conditioning out at Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, Inc.

Extreme heat affects wild animals, air conditioning out at Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, Inc.

It is not the week to be without air conditioning, especially when you have hundreds of animals to take care of.

However, that’s what happening at the Nebraska Wildlife Rehab building. The AC is out.

On Wednesday, staff members were looking at emergency measures to keep the animals safe.

Laura Stastny said, “Seeing this kind of long, unbroken stretch of heat just put us all into crisis mode."

Stastny is the executive director of Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, Inc., a place that helps hundreds of orphaned, sick, or hurt animals.

Stastny said, "It's hard for us to be in a situation where they might be in crisis."

On Wednesday, Stastny told FOX 42 that it would be four weeks before the air conditioning in the building gets replaced.

Stastny said, "We do have temporary industrial units and small temporary units here, but they are not enough to keep this building cool particularly when it's 100 degrees outside."

As Stastny says, the high temps make it hard for the animals to recover the way they're supposed to.

"When it's this hot our animals do not want to do anything. They don't want to eat, they don't want to drink and they don't want to move around, and if they're not doing those things then they're not recovering well."

Stastny says the best option now for the animals and her staff is to move as many animals as possible into outdoor cages, something she’s trying to find the resources to do.

On Wednesday, cash donations and items like litter, tarps, and cable ties were being dropped off by people from the community.

Stastny said, "This is a time when we just really need the public's help to ensure that they get what they need so they can return to a life in the wild where they belong."

Donations for the rehab center can be dropped off at the building in Louisville or at the Nebraska Humane Society.

For the full list of items click here.

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