Man in critical condition after high-speed chase, shooting

Police say one person was taken to the hospital in critical condition. (KPTM)

UPDATE: Police say 31-year-old Dillion Trejo was shot at least one time by a police officer.

Police say they got a call from Trejo's ex-girlfriend Monday morning. Police say she told them that Trejo may have stolen her vehicle and that she was concerned for his well being. Police believe Trejo was armed when they say he robbed a gas station Monday afternoon. Police say he then ditched his stolen getaway car and stole a truck on South 51st Street.

Police say that when they tried to pull Trejo over, he ran from the truck. Police say at one point it looked like Trejo might be reaching for a gun and that is when an officer fired his handgun. Police haven't said if Trejo was armed during the incident with police.

Trejo is currently in stable condition at a hospital. Charges are pending against him.

The officer has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

ORIGINAL STORY: One man is fighting for his life right now after Omaha police say he led them on a chase where the man ended up getting shot.

It happened in a quiet neighborhood in south Omaha on Monday afternoon.

Joanne Manzr said, "We don't normally hear gunshots."

Manzr says her south Omaha neighborhood is usually pretty quiet and that "we know a lot of the neighbors up and down the street and everybody kind of keeps an eye on everybody else."

She calls it a family area, one that unfortunately saw violence on Monday afternoon.

Manzr said, "I come home and this was all blocked off."

Omaha police say a man was shot near 26th and Rees Street.

Police believe he robbed a Bucky's in Omaha earlier in the day. They say he then stole a pickup truck.

Officers caught up with him with the help of the department's helicopter.

Police say the man stopped the stolen truck in Manzr’s neighborhood. Then police say shots rang out.

No officers were hurt, but the man who is accused of stealing the truck was hit and taken to a local hospital in pretty bad shape.

Manzr said, "Why people do it who knows?"

As of Monday night police weren’t saying if the man had a gun. The investigation is still going on.

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