Nebraska ranks as second worst state for obese pets, new study claims

Nebraska ranks as second worst state for obese pets, new study claims (Picture courtesy of Brandon Prich)

Is your cat or dog fat? Probably.

A new study claims that Nebraska is the second worst state when it comes to obese pets, and as FOX 42 found out those extra pounds can be dangerous for your pets.

"I think it'd be hard for me because I love her so much."

What if Melissa Allen's dog, Ginger, got a disease from being overweight?

Allen said, "She's such a small dog. I know she could get overweight more easily than some of the bigger dogs."

That's if Allen doesn't keep a close eye on what Ginger eats.

Allen said, "My grandfather, despite me telling him several times not to feed her, he likes to feed her like donuts and rolls, and stuff like that...he was feeding her...pork chops."

Things like pork chops are considered table scraps, something Dr. Fred Petersen says people shouldn't give their pets.

The Westgate Animal Clinic veterinarian said, "70 to 80 percent of the pets I see are really comes down to portion control. Most people tend to overfeed their animal."

Dr. Petersen recommends feeding your pet two or three times a day, but he says make sure you're using something like a cup to measure out just how much food you're giving them.

Petersen said, "Exercise is important too."

That means getting your dog outside a few times a day and doing something with your cat to get them moving.

Petersen said, "Overweight pets are going to have a harder time doing the things that people want to do with their pets so going on walks, playing ball."

The veterinarian also says that overweight cats may have issues with things like diabetes and liver disease.

"Pets, as they age, carrying all that extra weight over years and years, it will contribute to arthritis developing...if the problems are severe enough and enough of them crop up it can be life-threatening,” said Petersen.

"I think it's really important that we watch what we're doing with our pets. Even though we want to spoil them and we want to love them there's a way to do it,” said Allen.

The new study about pet obesity was done by Banfield Pet Hospital. It found that Minnesota ranks number one.

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