One person hurt in North Omaha shooting, three arrested after car chase

It sounds like something right out of a Hollywood movie: police say a man was shot and the bad guys took off in a stolen car.

It all came to an end after a high speed chase in one quiet North Omaha neighborhood on Friday afternoon.

Shearettaa Evans said, "Just to be having drama like this, we don't have drama like this in my neighborhood.”

Evans says her North Omaha neighborhood is usually pretty quiet.

“We don't have a lot of cop cars and stuff that come through.”

However, on Friday afternoon, that all changed.

William Taylor said, “I was in my house and all these cop cars came out of nowhere. Next thing I know they're just flying around circling the house.”

Police were trying to arrest three people who they say are responsible for shooting a man outside the 99 Cents & More store.

Evans said, “I got a call saying there was a shooting down there.”

It was a shooting that turned into a car chase. Police say a tan Lexus was involved in the shooting.

With the help of the department's helicopter officers were able to catch up to the car. Police say the stolen car stopped near 44th Street and Redick Avenue. Two people ran from the car and soon they were arrested.

It’s something Taylor says he will never forget and hopes will never happen again.

Taylor said, “Never really happens that much around here.”

Police say they are familiar with the three people who were arrested. Officers say they are all teenagers.

They say the man who was shot is going to be okay.

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