Pinnacle Bank Golf Championship kicks off with pro-am

Professional golfer Dan Woltman with amateur golfer Kelly Sudbeck at Indian Creek Golf Club for pro-am event during Pinnacle Bank Golf Championship

Amateur golfers in the Omaha metro are now getting the chance to play with some pros.

It's all part of the Pinnacle Bank Golf Championship that started on Monday.

A pro-am event was held to kick off the championship and it’s an experience some amateur golfers say they'll never forget.

Kris Koelzer said, "It's neat to get that insight from somebody who does it for a living."

On Monday, Koelzer and his group of amateur golfers got to play with professional golfer Eric Axley.

Koelzer said, “I was a pretty good player growing up, but man, their level of play is just so much better."

He and about 24 other pro-am groups played at Indian Creek Golf Club in Elkhorn.

Koelzer said, "It's been really fun playing with a really, really nice pro helping us along the way...just distances...what shot to hit here."

Tournament Director Jessica Brabec said, "You actually get to come out. You get to play the course in course condition which is really cool. Indian Creek did a phenomenal job of making this challenging for the pros which also makes it fun for the amateurs."

John Fernandez said, "I'm playing with Seth Reeves, young up-and-comer, fantastic guy.”

Fernandez says playing with a pro like Reeves has been humbling and that he doesn’t “put it in the water as much as I do."

Mary Chase and Kelly Sudbeck got to play with pro Dan Woltman,

Sudbeck said, “It's really fun. He's really respectful, very helpful."

Chase said, "Dan has read a lot of puts for us and enabled us to make some puts maybe that we wouldn't on another day."

The Pinnacle Bank Golf Championship goes until Sunday and the public is invited to attend.

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