Creighton alums McDermott, Korver return to Omaha for NBA game

OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - For Doug McDermott and Kyle Korver, it was home sweet home Thursday.

"You look up and see familiar faces. Obviously, being back in Omaha is really special," said Korver, a Creighton alum now playing for the Atlanta Hawks.

"All of the games to graduation, a lot happened in this building with a lot of great people," added McDermott, also a Creighton alum now playing for the Chicago Bulls.

Thursday night the two Bluejay stars squared off against each other in a pro basketball preseason showdown.

"It's huge for the city of Omaha," said McDermott. "Everyone has been talking about this game for a while."

For fans attending the game, watching them was a real treat.

"It's absolutely wonderful," said Gerald Yeager, a Bulls fan. "It was great to come here for the whole experience."

Korver and McDermott were never teammates at Creighton, but they're close friends. For Korver, life is a lot different now that he's a veteran in the league.

"Being a husband and trying to find the energy to work really hard on the basketball court."

That's not stopping him though from powering forward.

"I still love the game and I still love playing and I still love competing."

It's a love for the game that has fans yearning for more.