CWS 2017: Cooperstown's 1,200 miles away, but part of it's here on display

It's like walking through a history book.

Baseball fans continue to flock to TD Ameritrade Park for the College World Series.

FOX 42's Bill Steckis found one spot that is sentimental to some fans.

He takes a poetic look at the baseball hall of fame exhibit that comes straight from Cooperstown in New York. You'll want to watch the video for this one; reading it just isn't the same!

Cooperstown's 1,200 miles away,

But part of it's here on display.

Great baseball moments everywhere you look.

It's like walking through a history book.

Plenty to see from present and past.

Watch Roberto Clemente run so fast.

Harry Caray's classic specs

And shots way up to upper decks

A Williams bat from his last home run

And Yogi's mitt from a no-hitter well done

And a long wait for a team many hold dear

"You can't witness the Cubs winning it all last year," said Hall of Fame curator Andy Couch.

And with that a ride in the parade without worry,

"You can sit on the truck next to Bill Murray," Couch said.

You can virtually hit a double down the line

"We have a Honus Wagner card from 1909," Couch said.

Virtual swings leave him happy as a lark,

A child said, "I hit it right out of the park!"

And what fan wouldn't love

A historical glove

Want to take a stab?

When Willie Mays made that grab

See Jackie's hat from a real game

Create a plaque with your face and name

Plenty to see for families and hubbies

Some scream out, "Go Cubbies!"

And pet rose is not in the Hall

No not at all

But these will take away some of the sting

He wore them when he became the all-time hit king

See an Imax film that is a true treat

An announcer said, "This is only for the elite!"

And when your tour is through,

Something cool to do

Write an inspirational quote

On a sticky note