Fans are preparing to head to Tennessee for the Huskers bowl game


OMAHA, NE(FOX42KPTM)-The Huskers are heading to Nashville, Tennessee for the bowl game on December 30. Fans are now planning their travel arrangements as well.

Huskers fan, Diane Blunk has been waiting for the location to be finalized. When she heard the news, she started making plans.

"It's actually pretty cheap to fly over there Tennessee and Nashville right now so I'm going to start there, if not, it's about 700 miles, that's not bad," said Blunk.

She says for her family it's a two for one deal because they are also country fans. Blunk says she knows prices may go up and flights may not be available so she's not wasting time.

Public Affairs Director of Triple AAA, Rose White would agree.

"Some may opt to drive but for those who choose to fly, you should not delay, any seats that are available on the air carrier they will go quickly," said White.

White says it's best to do package deals and plan within the next couple of days where things are already set up for you.

"The charter package will include direct air flight, hotel and of course tickets to the game."

She says traveling with a group will be more convenient, finding things individually may take longer.

Blunk says she's making her plans tonight before everything is sold out.