Cold Weather Taking Toll On Cars

Curt Casper

OMAHA (KPTM) - It reached below zero again on Wednesday andthrow in the wind chill and it was cold. So cold, that it caused some carsacross the metro to not start.

Cars have been pouring into to Jensen Tire and Auto for thelast few months. The owners are hoping to get their car ready for the lowtemperatures.

"With this cold weather you want to keep up on your maintenanceso your car starts every time," Mark Truax, a mechanic said.

Mike Cronin started to notice his car wasn't handling theweather the way it should.

"Just slipping and sliding on the snow and ice," he said.

His tires were wearing out; the tread was nearly worn away.

"I'm a little late this year but its better late then never,right?" he said.

Truax said it is important that vehicles get serviced forwinter at least once a year. This includes checking the battery, spark plugs,coolant and the tires.