Support Local: New fully local food delivery app launches Monday in Omaha
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Want a bite to eat from your favorite local restaurant but don’t want to leave your couch? Omahans will soon have new, all local option when it comes to food delivery.

The new app is called “LoCo Omaha” and you can start ordering from it Monday.

“A vibrant, local, restaurant scene is critical to the culture and economics of our city, and this a way to keep more of the economic benefit in house,” says Brian O’Malley, president of Omaha LoCo Delivery Co-op.

“It’s going to be a win-win for both of us because they’re going to support all the local restaurants and it’s a Co-op! They’ve got a unique set up here,” adds Anthony Fucinaro, owner of Anthony’s Steakhouse.

The app works like any other food delivery service but with this one, most of the money goes directly to the restaurants.

So far, more than 20 locally-owned restaurants are a part of the service, but O’Malley expects that number to grow after the app launches.

“When restaurants work hard to make excellent food for their customers, this will deliver it to those customers but then put the proceeds back in the pockets of those restaurants and I don’t know about anybody else but I think that restaurants are one of the most important pieces of a city’s cultural fabric and I want to make sure we find a way to keep that strong,” says O’Malley.

The idea for ‘LoCo Omaha’ came about in December. LoCo Omaha received a $500,000 grant from Douglas County Commissioners to help get food to families in need.

LoCo Omaha enlisted the help of local restaurants to create meals and then worked with local non-profits to deliver the meals to Omaha families.

The format of the app is based on a model that launched in Iowa City back in 2017.

For Fucinaro, he says he’s excited to work with the people behind the app because it’s more personal.

“It’s been a challenge here for different delivery services and I don’t want to talk negative about any of that, but this is different. This is different because this is people that truly know some of the challenges that some of the restaurants face because they’re involved,” says Fucinaro.

The app is available to download now for both Android and iPhone, although you cannot order anything until Monday during lunchtime.

You can learn more about LoCo Omaha here.

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