Aussie Walks Across America for Charity

Lee first makes it to Nebraska.

Aussie Walks Across America for Charity

Zach Revense

Omaha (KPTM) - A 24-year-old Australian man is walking from San Francisco to Delaware Bay, New Jersey to raise money for charity.

Benjamin Lee has traveled to 36 different countries and after graduating college last year, he decided he wanted to have one last hurrah before settling into his career.

"What better way to explore America?" said Lee. "I get an adventure and a challenge and something I can tell my grandchildren about."

Lee says he's doing this so people will donate to his favorite charity, Oxfam International. Between the United States and Australia he's raised around $4,000.

He started with a friend from San Francisco, May 18, but after getting to Delta, Utah, she said she couldn't go on any longer.

"I never wanted to do this by myself," Lee said. "But I've never quite anything in my life, and this being the biggest thing I've ever done, there was no way I was going to quite."

From a distance, the cart looks like a baby stroller says Lee, and it's created some unwanted attention for him.

"Quite a few times I've had police officers pull up and say, 'Do you have a baby with you walking along highway 50 in Nevada?'"

The hardest part so far was crossing the deserts in Nevada. Lee walked through a record heat wave. He and his then partner had to travel at night.

"Sitting in your tent during the day you're sweating," said Lee. "Just lying in a pool of sweat."

Right now, Lee has walked more than 1,600 miles and has around 1,200 more to go. He is documenting his journey on Facebook and Twitter. He wants to make it to Delaware Bay, New Jersey before the snow becomes a problem.

"If I can get through Nevada in the middle of the summer, then I should be able to get through a little bit of snowhope fully not too much."

Lee says misses his bed back home in Melbourne, and the roasts his mother makes every Sunday for family dinner.

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