Crestridge Magnet Center Students are on the Run

Zach Revense

Omaha (KPTM) - Crestridge Magnet Center is trying fundraising outside of the norm this spring.

Principal Marjorie Schmid felt like the usually wasn't helping anybody.

"Instead of selling wrapping paper that people don't need or cookie dough or things that people don't really need or want," said Schmid.

"Let's do something that really supports wellness and supports our families and our students so we came up with this idea of having a family fun run."

People coming out could run in 1 mile, 2 mile or 3 mile distance.

The goal is to raise $2,500 for a trail that skirts around the perimeter of the playground.

But more than a dollar goal, this 5K was a training session for a group of girls

"Next week there's a 5K in Lincoln for Girls On The Run," said Elisabeth Weatherly.

"It's an after school program. You learn about being healthy and having a healthy life style."

Girls On The Run is a statewide organization teaching girls about teamwork, communication, and goal setting. At Crestridge, Weatherly and her friends get together twice a week.

In preparation for the May 11 race at U.N.L., they've collectively run 45 miles.

"I'm hoping to beat my time that I got today," Weatherly said. She finished her 3.1 miles in about thirty minutes.

Principal Schmid sees another "fun run" next year.

"It's just important that as educators and as parents that we do all we can to make sure we're raising happy healthy children."

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