DNA Dating Site: Formula For Love Could Be in Your Genes

Omaha(FOX42KPTM)-Looking for love? More than half of all single people are trying online dating. A new site is using D.N.A. to help singles meet their match.

Greg and Teresa Smith met the old fashioned way, at a bar. "It was late at night it was after 11, and he finally got the nerve to ask me to dance," said Teresa. Her husband, Greg, continues the story; "I actually used to hang out by the womens' bathroom because they all had to go at one point. Then I met her," said Smith while laughing. Twenty-eight years later Greg and Teresa are still together.

But finding love isn't that easy for everyone, and the numbers showing the success of on-line dating are encouraging. Recent stats show one out of four people met their mates online. Now, one San Diego based matchmaker and her partner started up a dating site using D.N.A. to match up couples. SingldOut uses a standard online profile, verifies its users using LinkedIn and then asks them to submit a saliva sample to a lab.

Then the site shows users' results. "The more dissimilar two immune systems are, the more attracted you are in the long run to that person. They've identified that 40 percent of chemistry and attraction are in those genes," said Jana Bayad who has studied the science behind the matchmaking strategy. "If you were on an online website and you saw two people you were equally attracted to and one of them showed a DNA score you should have more chemistry with, which one would you choose?" said Elle France, the other founder of SingldOut.

But traditional matchmaker, Courtney Quinlan of Omaha Love doesn't buy that you can determine chemistry with a mouth swab and a microscope. "People can tell if there's going to be a connection or not. If there's chemistry and I don't believe that somebody's DNA is going to be a deciding factor," said Quinlan who has successfully matched more than 100 couples who later married.

Quinlan uses questionnaires, background checks and meets her singles in person to make sure she accurately represents them when making a match, while SingldOut adds DNA matching to each person's profile. But for Greg and Theresa, tests of any type don't seem to matter much. "We got married in the church. We had the interview, we had to fill out the tests and we flunked the tests," said the Smiths, who say they still have that "chemistry" nearly 3 decades after they first met.

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