Eye-Opening Carry-Ons: Prohibited Items Uncovered At Airport Checkpoints

Paul GutierrezOMAHA (KPTM) - When the alarm sounds at an Eppley Airfield metal detector, do you ever wonder what's causing it? We've uncovered more than just loose change and car keys are responsible.Last month, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents rolled out more than a half dozen boxes filled with prohibited items for our camera. Knives, pliers and hammers turned out to be just a snapshot of what gets scanned and turned away at checkpoints."Meat hooks, wrenches, grenades," explained Paul Ross, the federal security director for Nebraska. "It kind of makes you scratch your head and wonder about that."Among some of the other bizarre items we found in bins include, but are not limited to, model guns, brass knuckles, bowling pins and shoes with spikes sticking out of them."I'm not sure why anyone would think they could travel with these items," said Ross.The TSA says they continue to find interesting objects in carry-on bags on a monthly basis. They believe some of those items are brought to the airport by accident."Maybe someone's in a hurry," explained Ross. "Maybe someone uses a bag they haven't used in a long time and forget something is in there that's not supposed to be."It may be an honest mistake, but Ross and the TSA say in a post 9/11 world no situation can be taken lightly."From a risk-based point of view, we try to look at all of the angles and all of the possibilities."Last year, TSA agents discovered about 1,800 firearms in carry-on bags nationwide; an increase of more than 15 percent compared to what was found in 2012. It's something that keeps the TSA on its toes."My mantra, if you will, is not on my watch," said Ross.
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