New Nightlife Transit Coming to Omaha This Summer

OMAHA (FOX42KPTM) -- Soon you'll be able to ditch your car for a night of drinking in Omaha and hop on a new party bus instead. It's called nightlife transit and it'll take you to different bars and areas across the city "I live about 10 blocks away so if we're going to come drink we usually just walk up to Benson," said Kait Berreckman. For Kait Berreckman, walking to the bar has it perks. She says she never wants to drive to other places in downtown Omaha. "We can probably take a Lyft or a cab," said Berreckman. Soon she'll be able to ditch the cabs for a new way to get around. It's called Nightlife Transit. The goal is to make sure you're not drinking and driving and that you can make it home safely. So if you're at a bar in Benson, you can hop on the nightlife bus and head to bar in the Old Market. You can also track where the bus is on its website. "Now it'll help for us to say okay here's this transit take that it's perfectly safe, it'll be better than taking yourself," said Kristy Powell, manager at Benson Brewery. The buses will travel to five major nightlife areas: Midtown, downtown, Dundee, Blackstone and the Benson neighborhood. Here's a peek inside the bus, but owner Eric Burns says you can expect more than just neon lights. "We'll have someone there that's really almost acts as a tour guide making sure everyone's having a good time and everyone's getting on and off the bus safe," said Burns. Some businesses say they hope this help bring more people to newer nightlife spots. "We get a lot of people that say you know we're just going to stay in the downtown area. I think it'll help to bring those downtown people up here," said Powell. Buses will start running June 5th. It'll cost about $4 to $5. A monthly pass is $19. For more information check out
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