Omaha Teen's Plus Size Designs Earn Her a Spot in Top Fashion Show

OMAHA(FOX42KPTM)-U.N.O. student Hannah Olson has been designing her own clothes for years. Now, Olson has a chance to show off her designs, made specifically women who wear plus sizes, nationally. Olson said she was surprised when she found out her designs had been accepted into Full Figured Fashion Week in March. "I don't know if it's hit me yet," said Olson who added that she got the news while on campus. "It just shocked me. Then I went home and I went into planning mode," she said.Now, Olson faces the challenge of raising the funds to get to the show in New York City this June. Olson created a page on Indie Go Go to help raise the $5,000 she will need to travel with her mom to New York and fund the outfits she hopes to put on the runway at the prestigious show. So far, she's raised more than $3,000, but her campaign closes in just a few days.Olson hopes by participating in the event, she can continue to bring more options to those who don't wear standard sizes. "I think there's definitely a need for designing specifically for plus-size, instead of just taking smaller things and making them bigger," said Olson.Sarah Lorsung-Tvrdik of Hello Holiday in Dundee, says there is definitely a demand for designers like Olson in the Omaha metro. Lorsung-Tvrdik says more and more customers are requesting trendy clothes in bigger sizes. "We have greatly expanded our plus-size collection. It's something our customers have asked for from the very beginning," said Lorsung-Tvrdik, who adds that her store sells clothing in just about every size. "We just want our customers to feel beautiful whether they wear petites or 3 or 4x," she said.To help Hannah get to Full-Figured Fashion Week click here: learn more about Hello Holiday click here: of Olson courtesy: Herb Thompson
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