Omaha Together One Community Holds Forum to Discuss City Issues

{A href=""}Todd Unger

OMAHA (KPTM)- More than 100 people packed into Holy Name Catholic Church for an Omaha mayoral candidate forum Sunday.

The organization Omaha Together One Community hosted the forum. Only candidate Jim Suttle showed up at the church. Organizers say they were aware candidates Jim Vokal and Hal Daub had prior commitments.

OTOC focuses on an agenda of neighborhood revitalization, police community relations, economic development and alternatives for youth. Councilman Suttle says he believes addressing those particular issues is important to voters.

"These issues are the issues that have actually been talked about all across the metropolitan area in neighborhood to neighborhood," said Suttle.

Organizers say they hope to speak with the other candidates in the coming week. Saturday the group is planning a precinct walk.
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