Ron Paul Supporters Feeling Left out of FOX Debate

    Scott Lea

    Controversy is brewing in the Republican Presidential race. Candidate Ron Paul may not be invited to an upcoming forum in New Hampshire. The forum is scheduled for January 6th, two days before that state's primary.

    Paul's supporters have called the move unfair, and believe it's a missed opportunity for voters to hear his views.

    "It's a bum deal he's not being included," said Jon Alexander.

    Alexander met Paul during one of the candidates visits to Council Bluffs as he campaigned for the Iowa caucuses.

    "There's widespread support. I just think his ideas need to be heard by the general public," Alexander added.

    "I think there's a fear that he brings up topics that none of the other candidates want to talk about," said Aaron Rodenburg.

    Rodenburg supports Paul and helps at his campaign office in Council Bluffs.

    National spokespeople for Paul's campaign call his omission "outrageous".

    The forum is organized by Fox News and the New Hampshire G.O.P.

    The Paul campaign said it has not received an explanation why its' candidate has not been invited.

    The New Hampshire forum is being sponsored in part by Fox News Channel.

    KPTM is a Fox affiliate, however it is not owned by Fox. While the two entities share information, each is independent to make news coverage decisions.

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