Shooting Off Fireworks In Omaha: What's Legal And What's Not

    By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comOMAHA (kptm) - Now is the time to shoot off fireworks. Friday is Independence Day and people living in the city of Omaha are legally allowed to shoot off fireworks. New Tuesday night though, the Omaha Police Department is reminding people of some forgotten laws involving fire crackers. So before you light off your next firework, take a look at the following details.Wild Willy's sells a wide variety of fireworks from large artillery shells to quiet fountains like the Firefly Surprise. In all of the metro area, each town has different ordinances for what time you can shoot off fireworks. In the city of Omaha, people can shoot off fireworks from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and the Omaha Police Department said it's all to keep your neighbors happy.Just days before Independence Day, Cassie Hicks and her family are stocking up on fireworks."We got artillery shells; we got little things for my kids."It's also when the Omaha Police Department reminds people of city ordinances."You're not allowed to discharge any fireworks from a vehicle, to a vehicle, at another person or on any objectso that includes like sidewalks and things of that nature as well."Officer Kevin Wiese said it's also against the law to light fireworks in parks, playgrounds and boulevards. He also said people shouldn't light them off on city streets. "I've never heard that, where else are you supposed to light them?"Wiese said, "They're meant for traffic and things of that nature and if someone does get hurt and an ambulance has to travel through a street in a neighborhood and there's fireworks off it could cause a safety hazard and with many vehicles and gasoline and different oils it could cause a safety hazard on the city streets."And to make sure you are safe when lighting a firework, Dan Williams said read the instructions."A lot of people think they know how to use the fireworks and go ahead and light them, not knowing what they do and they might be too close to a home or to children so we encourage people to make sure they know what the firework does before they light it."Another thing people tend to forget about when lighting fireworksthere's an age restriction in the city of Omaha. Children over the age of 16 can light off fireworks by themselves, however those 12 to 15 must have a parent present.After the fourth of July is over, the Omaha Police Department will have two firework amnesty drop-offs. They will accept any unwanted or old firecrackers at no cost. Both will be held on Saturday, July 12th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 5505 N. 103rd Street and 72nd and Harrison Street at Seymour Smith Park.For more safety tips, visit

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