Some People Saving Hundreds By Clipping Coupons

BELLEVUE (FOX42 KPTM) -- The next time you go grocery shopping, you could cut the bill in half by using coupons. One lady in Bellevue has turned couponing into a career. Nicole McDonald always looks through weekly coupons to catch the best deals. She says she was tired of living paycheck to paycheck."We went to one income and that was a big shock. After all the bills were paid there just wasn't any extra money left even for groceries. I've done Ramen, so I was over that," said McDonald, who's been using coupons for 8 years. McDonald says she wanted healthy food for her family that didn't break the bank."I don't buy a lot of junk, and I think that's a big misconception that people have, I buy fresh produce, dairy, meats," said McDonald.She says she saves half of her money or more by using coupons. For what a $200 grocery trip, she only pays $100."I've been able to get my husband a tank of gas for as low as 18 cents," said McDonald.She evens teaches a class on using coupons and budgeting. She says more people are penny pinching any way they can."It's really starting to hit home that you know people don't want to live in the rate race, they don't want to be in debt. I think people want to pull themselves out of it without sacrificing their quality of life."It's a quality of life McDonald says can possibly be saved with coupons. Some people spend up to 40 hours clipping coupons. Here's a list of weekly deals

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