Students Get Reality Check With Rollover Crash Demonstration

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- Cornhusker Driving School students got a taste of reality in Sunday's class. The soon-to-be drivers were able to see just how bad a rollover crash can be. They learned about the crucial effects of a seatbelt and how it can potentially save their lives.

Cornhusker Driving School has a test car set up to simulate an actual rollover. Buckled up in a seat belt, the crash dummy stays put inside the test car. Without it, the dummy flies out.

"It obviously didn't look good without the seat belt on. If you didn't wear a seat belt, you'd probably be coming out of that crash," said student driver Nicholas Everett.

"I didn't think it would end up the way it did. I thought it would be, like, less bad, but it wasn't," said student driver Rebecca Chrapkowski.

Sunday's drill was more like a crash course reality. On Sunday, October 13, 33-year-old Miki Bailey, of Council Bluffs, died after a rollover accident on Interstate 29. Driving instructors said accidents like Bailey's should be a lesson because teens are the most vulnerable behind the wheel.

"67 percent of all teens killed in car crashes were not buckled up. And this is an added measure to let them know the importance of wearing that seat belt," said Cornhusker Driving instructor Pat Venditte.

Students also learned about the safeties of an air bag and the force used when it deploys.

"If we continue to harp and pound important information that these young people need to know, maybe we'll see a trend that will be different than what we're experiencing today," said Venditte.

Students said they will take extra steps from class so they don't end up like the crash dummy.

"That stuff's there to protect you, you know? I mean that's just not eye candy for the car, it's there to protect you," said Everett.

If you would like to enroll your driver into the program, contact Cornhusker Driving School at 402-341-4555 or log onto its web site for more information.

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